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Confident & Easier Birthing – Introduction

RELEASED Aug. 2017!

Given the right tools, support, and setting, women forge the way for attaining the birth they wish. Starting in pregnancy, women can envision, plan, and practice for their ideal birth, including realistic scenarios likely to occur during the process.  The key: Relaxation. Even something as simple as dropping your shoulders can reduce the feeling of contractions vastly by removing tension, allowing your body to flow easier and freer.

While the time period of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum technically is finite, it neither exists in a vacuum nor ever entirely leaves you, nor your family members. Birth permeates, in small or large ways, throughout the mother’s and baby’s lives, as well as for other players involved.

For all these reasons, it is my sheer joy to write topical blog articles surrounding birth, focusing on the specifics which can also help in the long term.

My blessings for healthy, confident, happy pregnancies, births, and postpartum periods.


Jerusalem Doula


SECOND LABOR Live! Monologues Premiered Oct. 24, 2017

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